Welcome to the Absurd Microbe!


This site is hosted on the Light Web, a cloud of a light hearted parallel world, in which fantasy, nonsense and imagination, unrestricted by agendas, preconceptions, opinions, experience and maturity, drift around in amazing multi-dimensional patterns, and every day ends on a high, articulated by Bert with the expression “alles okay, Kartoffelpüree!”. Civic responsibilities are assumed by: Ivor the Engine (transportation), Blitzer (law and order), the Carry-On Team (health services), Gromit (emergency services), Shaun the Sheep (education), Wallace (innovation and business), Monty Python (strategic development and infrastructure), Waldo (art and recreation) and Idris the Dragon (background music).

To enter the Light Internet, you explicitly warrant that you are able to distinguish between fact and fiction, to appreciate humour without sequelae, and are under 30 years of age.

If you are over 30, you must warrant that you have the explicit authorisation of a minor of good standing.*

If you are a lobbyist, politician, press officer, involved in the dissemination of fake news, or otherwise frequent environments where reality and fiction are deliberately confused, you must warrant that two minors of good standing have confirmed your ability to distinguish fact from fantasy.

  • I hearby warrant that I am under 30
  • I am over 30, but warrant I have the authorisation of a minor
  • I am a lobbyist/politician/etc., but warrant I have been certified by two minors of good standing as able to handle the Light Web experience

In entering the Light Web, I absolve it of all responsibility, particularly for any foolish behavioural tendencies I may acquire during the experience.